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Summer in Shrews!

A diary blog about a family study holiday in Pontesbury, near Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Introducing Alex, Anton, and Luise.

Day 1 - Morning

Written by Journalist, Alex Apfeld.

First english lessons of the week 

On the first morning we had a lesson without Luise because she felt a little bit ill in the morning.

We did some exercises about describing and logical thinking. 

Afterwards we played a few rounds of bingo with irregular verbs.

It took us a few tries to complete it because thinking and finding the verb in only a few seconds on a sheet of paper with about twenty of them is not so easy. 


daily news and challenges


logical exercices




food time in the afternoon


describing x2

Day 1 - Afternoon

Trip to Shrewsbury

We went to the Shrewsbury town centre to find out some information about the history of different places and people like Darwin and Mary Webb. We visited two different churches and some very old houses in the town. 

The Square was a very old market, which is around 500 years old. We had very good weather so it was nice to explore the city

(in fact it is not a city but a town).  

Day 1 - Evening

Very tasty evening 

In the evening we did some very tasty sushi. It took us about one hour to do this big plate of sushi. We had cucumber, avocado, pepper, carrot, salmon, crab sticks, shrimp and some spring onion in it. 

We all liked the sushi very much. As a topping, we had a lot left from the ingredients we used for the sushi but also some  homemade Japanese mayonnaise and some soy sauce.

Day 2

By Vlogger, Anton

Morning Lessons, Blists Hill Victorian Town, Ironbridge then cheering on Shrewsbury Town. 

Day 3

Written by Traveller, Luise

Postcards from Blists Hill Victorian Town.

Day 4 - Morning

Day 4 - Afternoon

Day 4 - Evening

Day 5 Morning Project

Here's our news broadcast

Day 5 - Fishing in Llandudno, Wales

Day 6 - Camping

On the last day of this course, we spent the whole day (and night) outside. 

First, we went back up to our favourite hill to pick more berries. Then after lunch, we went to the farm to set up camp. 

Everyone set up their own tent and then helped with the other areas. Then there were plenty of activities to do before dinner. After dinner we played campfire games and ate marshmallows. 

We all slept well in our tents and got up the next morning to play a while and then return home to watch the football final. 

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