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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

What type of courses do you do?

There are 3 main options to explore, but all of them are very flexible and allow you to study in a way which suits you:


1. Private English lessons

  • Online or face-to-face;

  • Study alone or part of a group.

  • Short or long-term courses available.

2. Immersive English Holiday Courses

  • Available throughout the summer.

  • Fully customisable.

  • Travel alone or with a group.

  • Suitable for any age or any level.

3. Accelerator English Training courses

  • Corporate courses for businesses, schools or other independent groups.

  • Tailored courses for business-centred outcomes.

To learn more, browse the website, request a brochure, or get in touch to chat in person.

How many lessons can I book?

As many as you want. Some students want to ask specific questions or study a specific topic, so they book a single course. Others enjoy regular and ongoing lessons, so they book one lesson per week on an ongoing basis.

I'm busy at work but would like 1-to-1 lessons - When are the lessons?

Generally speaking, courses are completely flexible. Many of my ongoing students book lessons in blocks, so once they have paid, their favourite slot is reserved for the duration of their course, but that doesn't mean that we can't change it. The finer details of my timetable are confirmed on the Friday of the previous week. There is sometimes room for further flexibility too, but this cannot be guaranteed.

How much are the lessons? 

It depends what type of course you are looking for. 1-to-1 online lessons start at £315 for 10 hours - click here to read more. For holiday courses, browse here

When can I start? 

Check out term dates here.


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