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Courses for English as a Foreign Language.

Take your English to the next level! 

My name is Catherine Jones. I am a highly experienced native English teacher here to help you improve your English. 

"I learn more in one hour with you than two hours with my previous teacher."

Amelie, France

Catherine Jones, Get Set Go English, Native English Teacher

Do you want to improve your English? 

You have come to the right place.

Get Set Go English

Whether you are preparing for an exam, looking to enhance your career opportunities, or need English for travel, I am here to support you on your learning journey. I am a highly experienced, CELTA-qualified, native English teacher. 

My personalised 1-to-1 courses are perfect for focusing on English specific to your needs, and my lessons are flexible, so you can study at a time that suits your busy life. I aim to make lessons fun, engaging, and motivating so that learning is always enjoyable. 

If you're looking for something even more exciting, how about an immersive English holiday course here in Shropshire? Combine English lessons in the mornings with a variety of cultural experiences in the afternoons for accelerated English progress.

Choose a programme that is as intensive or as relaxed as you want. Travel alone, with a partner, or in a small group, and study the topics that you need most. 

In the afternoons, I'll guide you in exploring my town of Shrewsbury, the beautiful county of Shropshire, and other places in England and Wales too. Afternoon excursions provide a fantastic opportunity to practise your speaking whilst learning about important aspects of British culture.


What about accommodation? You can choose from a range of accommodation options including 5* hotels, self-catering accommodation, or a host family experience. This is an excellent way to really improve your English and enjoy a holiday at the same time.

English Courses for You


Private English Lessons

Flexible tuition at a time that fits in with your busy schedule.

Study online or face-to-face.

Personalised lessons are perfect for focusing on English specific to your needs. 


English in Shropshire Immersive Courses

Take your learning beyond the classroom here in Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England.

Combine English lessons with a range of cultural excursions for a winning formula.


Corporate English Training Courses

In your location.

Perfect for businesses, schools, and other independent groups. 

Benefit from an expert teacher without the complications of travel.

Why Choose Me?

Catherine Jones, Native English Teacher


Highly experienced and professional English teaching.

Whatever your current level, I'm here to help you improve your English.


Excellent learning resources with all the best explanations, examples, and exercises for you to make your breakthrough.

Neutral Accent


"I come from the centre of England and have a neutral accent which is easy to understand."

Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

5.0     Google Reviews

Cambridge CELTA Qualified

English Student from France

Amélie, France

"I can already see the benefit of your lessons. One hour with you is like two hours with my previous teacher."
English Student from Greece

Iliani, Greece

"Thank you for the way you guide and push me to learn more. From the passion you show for your subject to your willingness to help, I have to say that you have made this class unforgettable!”
English student from Switzerland

Grischa, Switzerland

"Our weekly lesson is like a ritual to get out of busy work life."
Catherine Jones, Get Set Go English, Native English Teacher, Shrewsbury

About Me

I'm Catherine Jones. I'm a native English teacher, and I am passionate about the English language. 


I've been teaching English and running language courses for 11 years.


My objective is to create key breakthrough moments for the student and I have an approach which ensures accelerated progress throughout the learning journey.


Catherine Jones

Shrewsbury, UK

+44 (0)7939 338307

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