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Accelerator English Training Courses

Study in your location. Perfect for businesses, schools, or other independent groups.

Your Course

An accelerator English training course in your location allows you to benefit from an expert teacher without the complications of travel. 

2, 5, or 10-day courses cover both structural English and functional skills and have been carefully refined to create key breakthrough moments for the student.

Courses have no hidden costs, no registration fees, and all my expenses are included in the price. Furthermore, because I come to you, I am committed to you for the duration of your course. I offer additional time for post-lesson speaking practice and social events so, you get more.


"Thank you so much! It was our pleasure to have you with us and I have learnt so much from you. Your work went far beyond your duty."

Alessandra, English Teacher, Italy

"Thank you for being with us for this intensive period. You've been a credit and a benefit to us all. We'll keep in touch to continue cooperation in a variety of ways."

Patrizia, Coordinator for Intercultural Projects,

IIS Rolando da Piazzola School, Italy

"The most dangerous waste is the waste we do not recognise."


Shingeo Shingo, Toyota Production System

Why Invest In English?

Accelerator English courses aim to give your workforce the training that they need most. When staff operate below their skill level, valuable talents go to waste. Unleashing untapped potential not only boosts confidence and morale, but reduces inefficiencies caused by underutilised talent. 

Courses can be tailored to suit your business needs and learning outcomes.

What Else?

Personalised Objectives

A personal portfolio documents work done, encourages self-reflection, and tracks progress against SMART objectives. 


Over the last 10 years, I've had the pleasure of working with many different schools, teachers, and businesses, and I've taught over 50 different nationalities. 

I've worked with clients from a range of corporate environments and delivered courses on behalf of Brasshouse Language Centre, Birmingham; Severnvale Academy, Shrewsbury; and Youth Exchange Service, Shropshire. 


Premier Foods
Apollo English
Visit Shropshire


"I can't thank Catherine enough for coming to Premier Foods to support our colleagues, and help to improve their English.


By creating a fun learning environment, the team were absolutely buzzing and full of confidence after their lessons.


I highly recommend Catherine for your language programmes, and I know that we at Premier Foods will be using Get Set Go English again very soon. Thank you Catherine."

David Mitchell,

Learning and Development Business Partner,

Premier Foods Group

The Get Set Go Formula

My objective is to create key breakthrough moments for the student and I have an approach which ensures accelerated progress throughout the learning journey.


Here are my 5 key areas which ensure balanced learning and accelerated progress.

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