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Collaborative Learning

My collaborative learning programme encourages students to use all their linguistic resources.


I have a range of fun, engaging, and purposeful activities which promote extensive use of the language. The programme focuses on genuine interaction, linguistic mediation and the social nature of language.


Students actively explore, engage with, and manipulate the language for specific purposes. It is not simply about having a conversation, it is about creating and adjusting language to communicate clearly, efficiently and effectively in different registers. It's about knowing who you are talking to, understanding the situation you are in, and getting the outcome you want.


The experience of 'learning through doing' helps develop a deeper understanding of the language, makes it instantly rewarding, and builds confidence. Language comes alive, has clear social benefits, and provides the student with English they can take away and use immediately!

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There's no better way to improve your English than quantity of English. My top tip: READ READ READ!


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