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Shrewsbury's Rich History

Why studying in this historic town is a unique and rewarding experience.

Shrewsbury is a charming medieval town located in the heart of Shropshire, England. It boasts a rich history dating back over 1000 years. The town has witnessed significant events that have shaped the course of English history, making it a fascinating place for both locals and tourists alike. With its warm and welcoming community, affordable living costs, and fascinating history, Shrewsbury is the ideal place to study English and offers an immersive learning experience that is hard to match.

Let's take a journey through time to look at some key moments in Shrewsbury's history.

The Middle Ages

Shrewsbury's streets

The town's history dates back to the 9th century when the early settlement was known as "Scrobbesbyrig." During the Middle Ages, it was an important trading centre due to its strategic location on the River Severn. During this period, its market square bustled with activity as merchants traded goods ranging from spices to textiles. Shrewsbury castle and abbey both still standing today were built by Roger de Montgomery in the 11th century.

Wool Trade and Tudor Architecture

In the 16th century, Shrewsbury became famous for its wool trade, which brought wealth and prosperity to the town. The town's Tudor architecture, including timber-framed buildings and picturesque streets, reflects this period of prosperity. The famous Shrewsbury School, founded in 1552, also played a crucial role in the town's history and continues to be an important educational institution to this day.

A Town of Royalist Stronghold

Shrewsbury's role in the English Civil War is another significant chapter in its history. The town was a stronghold for the Royalist forces, and the castle played a crucial role in the defence of the town against the Parliamentarian forces. Today, the castle is a popular tourist attraction, offering stunning views of the town and the surrounding countryside. Do you know about traitor's gate too? I'll save that story for your visit.

The Industrial Revolution

The 18th century brought the Industrial Revolution to Shrewsbury, transforming its economy and landscape. The town's industries flourished, and the construction of the Shrewsbury Canal and the arrival of the railway further connected Shrewsbury to the wider world. Did you know that Shrewsbury is just a few miles away from Ironbridge Gorge, birthplace of the industrial revolution? Shrewsbury also boast the world's first skyscraper which was recently renovated to make for a very interesting visit today.

Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

Famous naturalist Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury in 1809. Today, the Darwin trail offers an informative way to tour the town. From the many interesting churches he attended, to the school he studied at, and park he explored, there's plenty of Darwin 'hotspots' to be found in Shrewsbury.

Shrewsbury Today

Today, Shrewsbury is a vibrant and bustling town, offering visitors a perfect blend of history and modern amenities. The town is home to a wide range of shops, restaurants, and cafes, making it the perfect destination for a day trip or a longer stay.

With its fascinating history, a welcoming and friendly vibe, and modern amenities, the town offers a truly quintessentially British experience. That's why studying English in Shrewsbury is an excellent choice.


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