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Shrewsbury's Christmas Carol

Did you know that Charles Dickens' 'A Christmas Carol' (1984) was filmed in Shrewsbury?

Set in 1843, the original story was written 179 years ago but in 1984 it was made into a film and Shrewsbury was used as the film location.

Shrewsbury's Parade shopping centre, Bear Steps, Old Market Hall, and Fish street all feature in the film along several with other streets and buildings. Nearby Attingham Park, National Trust Property is also used in the film for some of the dream scenes.

Bear Steps, the Old Market Hall, and Fish Street.

During December, you can attend a walking tour of Shrewsbury to see some of the filming locations - they are, naturally, some of the most interesting and historical parts of the town.

Scrooge's house (just behind Old Saint Chad's Church) is usually well decorated for Hallowe'en and Christmas since it attracts visitors who peer through the gates hoping to see the face that Scrooge saw in the door knocker.

At new Saint Chad's, you can see Scrooge's gravestone. Although it looks authentic, it is in fact fake and was made for the film. Old and broken by design, it has lain in the church yard for nearly 40 decades among the real graves.

To read more about this, including several testimonies from Shrewsbury's extras, check out this article Original Shrewsbury

You can watch the full film here on YouTube.


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