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Sachiko's Shrewsbury

I can’t choose the best place in Shrewsbury, it is quite difficult to decide. So, I will explain below.

The day after arriving in Shrewsbury, I was on my way to my English lessons when I arrived at the English Bridge and saw the River Severn from the Bridge and the drooping trees swaying gently. I thought I had finally arrived in England!

The view from the English Bridge is my favourite. What an incredible view it is! From the Wyle Cop down to the Bridge is also very photogenic.

Walking up Beeches Lane and the Town Walls, I could see a crescent-shaped building… called ‘The Crescent’... it is a beautiful shape. I love it!

Then as I followed the Town walls, I found Saint Chad’s Church. As I walked along the walls, I could hear the morning bells. Then I realised I was in England! This sound is very, very English for me.

I not only love the English Bridge, I also love a particular black door of a flat with numbers on it, the Tudor timber-framed buildings, a detached house, a semi-detached house and Waitrose! (I am shocked that Shrewsbury’s Little Waitrose has closed because of this pandemic!) Everything looks very English. In addition, there is Shrewsbury Abbey, which is the place of the monk Cadfael.

I do love Shrewsbury when there are so many daffodils in bloom in early Spring. It feels uplifting when I see lots of daffodils and lovely squirrels.

Of course, I have been to London several times. I do like London, but I didn't want to stay in London. I would say London is London, not England. My classmate also said that Munich is Munich, it is not Germany. I think the same here. I aspire to meet the true England. Not for a tourist. In this respect, Shrewsbury is a perfect town I believe.

Every time I am impressed by the beautiful scenery. I am not exaggerating, it is absolutely adorable. The view in the crisp morning air, the beautiful gradations at sunset. It all seems to embody the England I had imagined. Now, I really do miss Shrewsbury. I wish I could go back... as soon as possible.

Sachiko Miyano, Japan

The English Bridge, Shrewsbury
The English Bridge, Shrewsbury

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