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Favourite Experiences - What do the students say?

Learning English is not just about grammar rules or vocabulary; it's about experiencing language in its living context. As well as accelerating language acquisition, my immersive English courses are designed create memories for life too.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what my students said about their favourite experiences and excursions.

Junior Programme Favourite: Shrewsbury Town Trail

In the junior English course, students absolutely love exploring Shrewsbury and often say that it's the highlight of their experience. They follow a specially designed trail, discovering the town's key spots. It's not just about sightseeing; it's interactive and engaging, with storytelling and fun challenges. Students learn a lot while having a great time.

Adult Programme Favourite: Ironbridge and Blists Hill

Learning about the flirting code of the fan
Learning about the flirting code of the fan

For adult learners, the visit to Ironbridge Gorge and Blists Hill Victorian theatre town stands out as a favourite. This UNESCO World Heritage Site offers an engaging way to learn about the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. Mature students enjoy exploring the authentic streets of this living museum which brings history to life, and love the opportunity to practise their English with the many and varied knowledgeable people who work there.

Overall Most Interesting: Liverpool's Albert Dock

Both juniors and adults have voted Liverpool's Albert Dock as the most interesting excursion. This full-day trip includes visits to the Beatles Museum, the Maritime Museum, and the Tate Gallery. The mix of history, culture, and modern attractions provides a comprehensive experience that captivates all visitors.

Best for English Learning: Blists Hill Victorian Town

Ironbridge UNESCO World Heritage Site
Ironbridge UNESCO World Heritage Site

Blists Hill Victorian Town is not only popular but also voted as the best for English learning. The interactive nature of this excursion, where students can converse with actors portraying Victorian characters, enhances their speaking and listening skills in an immersive environment. This setting provides lots of opportunities for practising new vocabulary and phrases learned in the morning lessons.

English Teacher's Favourite: Powis Castle and Gardens

Powis Castle
Powis Castle

Visiting English teachers have a special fondness for Powis Castle and its stunning gardens. This National Trust property, just over the border in Wales, offers a serene setting for conversation. The beautifully maintained gardens and impressive state rooms provide an beautiful backdrop for learning, making it a favourite among my English specialists.

My Personal Favourite: Shropshire Hills and Local Pubs

As co-ordinator and guide, my personal favourite is the combination of a Shropshire Hills walk followed by a visit to a local country pub. The natural beauty of the hills offers a peaceful environment for practising conversational English, and the cosy atmosphere of the pubs provides the perfect setting for relaxed, authentic interactions.

Highly Commended

Pontcysyllte Aqueduct: This World Heritage Site is praised for its scenic beauty and engineering marvel. A canal walk over the aqueduct offers breathtaking views.

Ludlow and its Food Festival Ludlow, renowned for its food festival, is a must-visit for food lovers. Surrounded by picturesque landscapes, Ludlow also offers a glimpse into the past with its beautiful castle, medieval streets and historic sites.

Shropshire's Local Markets: Students enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and the chance to practice English while shopping for local goods. Shrewsbury Market, named 'Britain's Favourite Market 2024', is particularly popular.

Liverpool's Cavern Club: For music enthusiasts, a visit to the iconic home of the Beatles is a highlight. It combines cultural immersion with fun, making it a memorable part of the programme.

Chester: This historic city offers a mix of history, shopping, and dining. Students can explore its black and white buildings, including the famous Rows, which house many of Chester's unique shopping galleries. With its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, Chester is a great addition to the course.

Join me this summer for an immersive English language experience in the beautiful county of Shropshire. Whether you're a junior or adult learner, my courses offer the perfect blend of education and adventure. Book your place now and discover why these excursions are favourites among our students.


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