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Becoming an English Teacher in Spain

Hi everyone!

I’m Celia and I’m currently studying to be an English Primary teacher. In Spain, in order to work in public schools, you have to pass some exams organized by the regional education authority and, after the process, you can either enter a list waiting for a job vacancy or get a permanent position. The process has two phases, the first one being a qualifying round, so if you pass this first round, the whole process lasts a month. It is quite exhausting!

However, being a teacher wasn’t always my dream job. It was during the past years that I decided to pursue this career because I actually love to see how children learn, and how they get confident regarding their English level. We had (probably still have, in a way) a problem in this country with the teaching and learning process of English. On one hand, teachers didn’t have the best of the levels, especially regarding the speaking skill, and on the other hand, we as students were embarrassed to talk in English in class because everybody else would laugh at you (stupid, I know!). So, I would be extremely happy if I could help children to see the English classes as something fun and interesting and not as something that is just compulsory to study.

And I love travelling too. I used to go to England every year, and some of those years Shrewsbury was my destination. Since the first time there, I fell in love with it. I have to confess here that it wasn’t very difficult for this to happen, mainly for two reasons: one, I love everything related to English (language, accents, places, culture, history, literature…), and two, the town is just gorgeous, and locals couldn’t be nicer! Some of my favourite memories are having lunch in a sunny day at The Boathouse and then walk around The Quarry enjoying an ice-cream. I had a fantastic time every July that I spent there, and I can’t wait to come back! Maybe this summer? Who knows!


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